Background to the Programmes

More than ever, there is a need for Social Workers to be confident in their skills and effective in their work with the most vulnerable people in Wales.

Sheila Lyons, Care Council for Wales

The CPEL Framework is part of a range of measures to support social workers in meeting the challenges outlined in the policy document Sustainable Social Services for Wales: A Framework for Action (2011).

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 provides the legislation required to take forward the change programme outlined in this policy.

Previously, to progress in social services, the main option available to social workers was a managerial route. The national career pathway changes that by providing an alternative career structure, which retains more social workers in practice roles. The CPEL Framework is designed to support implementation of the career pathway.

Career Pathway for Social Workers – Further Details (PDF – opens in new window)

The vision is that social workers and social care workers must be at the centre of a citizen-focused, sustainable service that enhances the wellbeing of people in need and gives citizens a stronger voice and real control in relation to their care.

Participating in the CPEL programmes will give students an excellent opportunity to critically review the evidence-base of their current practice and engage in their own research. Alongside this will be an emphasis on the importance of evidence-based practice in the delivery and evaluation of services and the mechanisms for developing practice and research collaborations.

Furthermore, all of the programmes carry academic credits that enable participants to gain additional qualifications, such as Post Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma and a Masters Degree.

There will be clear links specified with other programmes such as Approved Mental Health Professional and the Team Manager Development Programme.

The following links provide contextual information on the structure and framework of the CPEL Programmes: