Welcome to the CPEL Website

The CPEL (Continuous Professional Education and Learning) framework is a suite of programmes that has been designed to support career pathways for social workers in Wales. The CPEL framework has been commissioned and approved by the Care Council for Wales (now Social Care Wales), and is delivered by an alliance between Cardiff, Bangor, Glyndŵr and Swansea Universities.

Please Note: The current partnership between Social Care Wales and the CPEL Alliance (Bangor, Cardiff, Glyndwr and Swansea Universities) is coming to an end. As such, we are no longer accepting applicants for CPEL programmes.

This change does not affect currently enrolled students

This website offers an overview of key information, including

Who is this site for?

This site will be useful for all stakeholders in the CPEL process, and is particularly aimed at those who may be interested in participating in the CPEL programmes, those who have a professional responsibility towards potential students and those who have a more general interest in the development of the social work profession in Wales and beyond.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to provide feedback on this website or the programmes in general.

Please bear in mind that:

  • existing students should access their course content, information and activities within ‘Learning Central’ rather than via this site.
  • the ‘Consolidation’ phase of CPEL (see below for explanation) is beyond the scope of this website .

CPEL Consolidation Phase

The consolidation phase of CPEL is undertaken by social workers immediately after qualification and is carried out under a separate set of arrangements by separate providers. This website does not relate to those arrangements. For the sake of brevity we have simply referred to these programmes as ‘CPEL’ although they may more accurately be referred to as ‘CPEL post-consolidation programmes’. For further information please see the following page on the Care Council for Wales website: